Fights & Delights: The Plays

Play Synopses

Summaries of the three comedies of Fights & Delights  

Treasure in the Chest

Gui Zhong Yuan (Treasure in the Chest), a jingju play, features a young woman, her brother, their mother, a handsome young scholar, and two comic officers pursuing the young man.  While the brother goes with his mother on a trip to arrange a marriage for the daughter, the young man arrives and persuades the young woman to protect him by hiding him in the family clothes chest; the brother returns first, is scandalized to find his sister alone with a young man, and confronts their mother with this problem when she returns; in the end, the young man hopes the chest will produce a mate for him, too. 

Pi Jin Rolls the Lamp

Pi Jin Gun Deng (Pi Jin Rolls the Lamp). a chuanju play, features a comic male character, his "hot and spicy" wife, and their young daughter.  To punish her husband for his boasting, the wife, with the help of her daughter, compels her husband to perform spectacular acrobatics while balancing an oil lamp on his head. 

Where Three Roads Meet

San Cha Kou (Where Three Roads Meet), a jingju play, features a bravura painted face male character under arrest for killing a traitor, the two comic officers escorting him into exile, a comic innkeeper and his clever young wife, and a martial young male general determined to protect the bravura hero.  The innkeeper mistakes the young general for a villain out to kill the bravura hero, and a virtuoso fight in the dark between the two ensues; it is resolved in the end by the bravura hero himself.